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This tasty experiment of mine started while I was in grad school. Cooking had always been a fun hobby, but it was while I in the pursuit of my PhD that I started to look at it as a way to express my creativity...and release some stress. I  really, really enjoy beautiful, sexy, tasty food. It's like gorgeous, colorful,dynamic art... that you get to put in your face after you "ooh" and "aah" over how pretty it is.

When it comes to what I cook... when I originally started, it was just whatever sounded tasty. But then I decided I should probably pay attention to the health aspect. Maybe. A little. Ok, a lot. There was a weight issue to contend with. But it turns out diet food is not that tasty. It's just not. Most diets will have you *steam* your vegetables, for Christ's sake. That is not ok- in fact, I will make a promise to you, here and now: I will never, ever, ever post a recipe with a boring, bland, steamed vegetable. Ever.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog has evolved such that the goal is now to share my experiments in healthy eating. I have learned that I actually enjoy good, clean foods- provided that they are prepared in a way that also makes my mouth, and my brain, happy. Because you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of psychological satisfaction when it comes to food!

These will be recipes I have either created or tested from books or online sites. Many times, I test them out, put my own spin on them, and see what happens. When I am cooking something new, I will always tell whoever is about to eat it that it is "Highly Experimental..." hence the site title. It seemed appropriate.

I may also occasionally post a restaurant review. We generally build trips around where we are going to eat, so I figured we might as well share some of those experiences with anyone that is interested.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and that the recipes and information that I post help inspire you to create your own beautiful plates!

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