Thursday, July 16, 2015

The blog is back!!

Hello anyone that is reading this! So after a two-year hiatus, I have decided to revive this blog. This is in large part due to having a buildup of recipes and pictures that are doing absolutely nothing but floating around aimlessly in the cloud... it seemed like such a waste to let them wither and die in the ether....I might as well put them to some good use. 

Since there is a bit of a backlog, I'll try not to release too many at one time. I should also point out that we recently went on a debaucherous trip to Boston, stopping at 25 (yes, 25!!) restaurants over the course of 5 1/2 days. Upon our return, we decided to go on a rigorous clean eating program, using some of the principles outlined in the Fast Metabolism Diet. It seems to be working, but it could also be the result of us just not eating at 5 restaurants a day. The science on this is unclear.

So some of the recipes I post will be things inspired by the FMD that we have found to be tasty. Often, the original recipes have benefitted from the use of super-secret techniques (which I may be persuaded to share) that build flavor without adding all of the stuff that made us get fat.

This dog is my spirit animal
Other than that, I will continue to post tasty, mostly healthy things,some not. Tyson (a new to-be-recurring character in this blog) has also suggested that we might add some restaurant reviews when we try something new and exciting. I am not opposed to this suggestion, so you may see some of those as well. I can almost guarantee that those posts will fall under the "some not" category. Sometimes, you just have to have fatty, gooey, crispy things. And donuts. Don't forget donuts. 

See you soon...

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