Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First post! I've jumped on the bloggin' bandwagon...

So here I am. 
I'm not sure how this happened- mainly I wanted to share my fun food experiences with everyone and it has gotten beyond what Facebook and email can handle. Or at least what I can handle :) This way, I pop things up here and they are magically transported to the ten people who want to read them. 

It's kind of perfect timing- this Thursday the dear BF and I travel to NYC. It's kind of like the foodie mothership is calling me to my rightful home. So far, we will be eating dinner on Thursday at either Má pêche or the Stanton Social Club. I have heard Má pêche  is amazing, but the Stanton Social Club was mentioned on The Best Thing I Ever Ate for their French Onion Soup Dumplings (yum!!) and those foodaholics have not steered me wrong yet.... Either way, we have reservations at both and will make a decision which one gets axed by tomorrow.  

Also on the to-do list is Eataly NYC, which promises to be magical; brunch at Norma's in Le Parker Meridien; and possibly Balthazar (also mentioned on BTIEA). On the non-food portion of the trip (what?? Crazy talk...), we will be attending a wedding and hopefully seeing Phantom- not concurrently.

Although I'm pretty sure that would be awesome.  

I am positive there will be some food porn posted over the next week, so please approach future posts knowing that you may see some super sexy culinary shots that will cause you to spasm with- what..? desire? jealousy? an intense allergic reaction that transcends space and time?

Who knows.  Just go with it.

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